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Intelligent and energy-efficient product


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Quincy wireless intelligent connectivity system through the wireless network (GPRS) connect each customer terminal air compressor controller and collect data information transmission to the cloud server, through mobile phone, PAD, and the computer, never leave home can be realized on compressor operation data, maintenance and alarm on-line query and information management, help reduce fault handling response time and improve customer satisfaction, reduce the service cost.

Customer Benefits

Prevent failure in advance, increase the uptime;

Remote monitoring, improve management efficiency;

Catch energy saving opportunities, reduce operating costs;

Ensure the safe and stable operation of compressor;


Main function module

Customer information management

Compressor remote monitoring

 Alarm real-time reminder

Data history curve

Maintenance time warning

Analysis of compressor energy saving


Networked controller:

Quincy intelligent controller

MAM controller

Other brands of intelligent controller


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