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Energy recovery

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Re-use up to 75% of your compressor’s thermal energy.

Air compression generates a lot of heat. Most of this is lost. But the Energy Box turns it into heat for other applications. The result? Huge savings.


Save money

Energy consumption is the biggest cost of air compression. That’s why recovering the compressor’s energy means saving money too.


Smaller footprint

The Energy Box reduces your CO2 emissions, helping you to reach environmental targets.


Lower investment costs

The Energy Box delivers heat for hot water applications or industrial processes, reducing your overall investment costs.


Save with Energy Recovery! Recover the heat from compression and turn it into useful thermal energy with the Energy Box.


Save with Energy Recovery

Air compression generates a lot of heat. Most of this is lost through radiation or through the compressor’s cooling system. With the Energy Box, you can recover up to 75% of this valuable thermal energy. The result? Huge cost savings.


Reduce CO2 emissions

Saving energy also means reducing CO2 emissions. This is not just beneficial for future generations; it may help you achieve environmental targets and comply with legislation or certification.


Thermal energy put to use

In addition to space heating and hot water for showers, compression heat may be used for industrial processes such as drying, pre-heating, sterilization, steam cracking, purging… This could eliminate the need for additional equipment and reduce your overall investment costs.



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