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Fix speed

QGDP 30-250kW

QGDP(Quincy Great Drive Plus)is an excellent oil-injected screw compressor. In addition to the reliability of QGD, it has higher operating efficiency,reaching the level of GB19153. It has low operating noise and long service life.


- Specially designed fluid/air separator element ensures oil carryover ≤3 ppm.

- The finned efficient cooler with a separated fan ensures reliable operation in ambient temperatures as high as 46℃ . Aftercooler approach temperature does not exceed environment temperature 10℃ . 30-75kW units use the centrifugal fans, which efficiency is higher and the noise level is lower.

- QuinSyn complete line of synthetic fluids for effective cooling. QuinSyn fluids have a rated life of up to 8000 hours.

- Positive closure inlet valve eliminates current peak penalties during start up.

- Air inlet filter with low pressure drop reduces air suction noise level effectively. The filtration efficiency of 3 μm particles can reach 99.9%.

- Quincy high efficiency glass microfiber fluid filter provides absolute airend protection.

- Wye-Delta reduced voltage starter uses Schneider Siemens components.

- Airlogic® intelligent control provides a rugged and reliable platform.

- Efficient and reliable airend comes with standard two-year warranty. Flange connecting the motor and airend keeps permanent shaft alignment. 5-year warranty option for the airend provides a stronger quality guarantee.

- Rugged Motor, Standard IP54, The optimized air circulation and temperature field distribution within the enclosure ensure the motor receives sufficient cooling.

- Frequency convertor (QSV series) can realize vector continuously variable frequency. Wide FAD adjustment range from20% to 100% is a higher efficiency energy saving design.


- Heavy-duty steel-based frame, totally enclosed, low sound acoustical enclosure

- Positive closure inlet valve

- Siemens / Schneider electric components

- Full flow spin-on oil filter

- Direct driven, permanent shaft alignment

- AirLogic® intelligent control system

- 380V/3P/50Hz IP54 motor

- Centrifugal fan (30-75kW)

- High efficiency water separator(110-250kW)


- Emergency stop button

- Fault alarm shutdown

- High pressure relief valve


- ES network system

- Remote monitor system

- PLC Controller

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