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Fix speed

QGD 37kW

Quincy QGD (Quincy Great Drive) is the more competitive technology in the world. It is a gear-driven oil-injected screw compressor. QGD37 uses direct transmission with efficient operation.


- High efficient cooling system ensure the reliable operation at temperature up to 46℃

- Standardized electrical control design; rational and clear wiring for easy maintenance; electrical components of SIEMENS brands to guarantee quality

- Higher design reliability by implementing shaft bearing on motor non drive end,instead of non-supported shaft

- Auto center alignment for driven line,no gears and couplings, no transmission losses

- The exquisitely designed oilair separation filter ensures oil content of compressed air less than 3ppm. The external rotating filter element enables easier maintenance.

- Quincy high precision fiberglass filter elaborately protects the element.

- 1:1 direct driven, lower rotating speed, quieter operation, high reliability

- Brand new efficient element and inlet valve enables stable and durable operation, lower pressure drop and higher efficiency.

Intelligent controller (standard)

In the auto-dual mode, the compressor automatically changes control mode according to the system demand.

Wye-delta starter reduces current peak penalties.

A standardized system component that is simple to connect to the plant’s existing network.

Intelligent controller (optional)

7-inch all touch controller monitors the real time operating state of equipment, provides multiple protection and early alarm and cooperates with customers for central control.

Protective devices

Emergency stop button

Fault alarm shutdown


ES network system

Remote monitor system

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