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Variable speed

QSI PM+ 45-75kW

QSI PM+ is a leading permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor. QSI PM+ series products provide you with the most economical maintenance and operation cost. The design service life of element of new generation compressor is 300,000 hours, meaning better performance and longer service life. Patent modular design enables simple installation, ensures difficulty in leaking. The design of internal structure is for the purpose of simple and easy maintenance. The permanent magnet frequency conversion technology is close to the customer's demand and is able to remarkably reduce energy consumption. Quincy QSI PM+ series products allow more efficient work and greatly reduce maintenance and operation cost.


- The finned efficient cooler with a separated fan ensures reliable operation in ambienttemperatures as high as 46℃.

- IE4 super highefficiency oil cooling permanent magnet motor, independent design, ensure the much stabler cooling effect for the motor.

- Specially designed fluid/air separator element ensures oil carryover ≤3 ppm.

- Brand new efficient element and inlet valve enables stable and durable operation, lower pressure drop and higher efficiency.

- Pre-filtration protection can prevent the dust from entering the canopy, protect the clean operation of the element and cooler, and avoid high temperature risk.

- The specially designed converter according to the European standard matches the Airlogic® controller perfectly.

- Quincy high efficiency glass microfiber fluid filter provides absolute airend protection.

- Innovative permanent magnet motor driven technology without coupling, the element linking the motor directly, brings zero

transmission loss.

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