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Small and beautiful energy-saving compressor

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Innovation is characteristic of this era. Product innovation can come from nothing. For example, the emergence of iPhone redefines the mobile phone, and the application of permanent magnet technology in air compressor inspires the whole industry. Quincy air compressor products are also constantly updated.

Quincy is about to launch a new generation of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor QGDV series.

1. The new product change is to adopt the new generation compressor host, the new rotor efficiency increases by 3%.

2. The system continues the key features of the quincy QSI PM+ series. It adopts a new permanent magnet motor. The material of the motor is samarium and cobalt. The demagnetization temperature reaches 350℃. Motor efficiency improves to more than 96%, IE4 level.

3.  The integrated drive chain is another feature of this product. Transmission mode is direct connection, reducing transmission loss.

4.  Quincy's new generation of controller Q-controller will be used for the first time on this series.

In addition, there is a lot of innovation in many details.This series is a more efficient, stable and convenient compressor. 7-22kW will be go public at the end of July.


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