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Original compressor service kits

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Service your compressor set-up in the best possible way. Use a dedicated Service kit: it’s complete and contains Original Parts at a good price.

Service kits contain all the Original Parts you need to service your equipment in the best possible way.

Efficient service

All items needed for a service job are available。


Value for money

Service kits come at a price advantage


Original quality

All parts included are Original Parts

Improved operational efficiency

With Service kits, you can manage maintenance more effectively. The kits correspond with predefined maintenance activities. They include all the parts needed for an intervention, eliminating the risk of a missing part and additional downtime. They can be ordered with a single order line, minimizing administration.

Global quality guarantee

Service kits come with the quality guarantee of Original Parts from your trusted brand. This will help to assure better service quality and sustained reliability of your compressor. It also means you can benefit from our worldwide support network, ensuring high availability and short lead times.


Compresor Kits save costs

Service kits cost less than if you order each part individually. But they also help reduce administration as well as service downtime. And because they ensure correct service with high-quality parts, your compressor will keep running reliably and cost-effectively.

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