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Original parts


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Optimal performance

Tailor-made for your operational requirements

Perfect balance

With all the right additives


Reducing costs

Minimal wear, maximum uptime


Optimal compressor protection

Original lubricants are a blend of oil and additives, accurately mixed and balanced for optimal effectiveness. Based on extensive R&D and compressor knowledge, they ensure optimal lubrication and cooling and protect against premature wear and corrosion. Ultimately, Original lubricants support your profitability.


Maintaining air quality

Using non-original oil can have many side effects: oxidizing, sludge formation, foaming… These may cause premature wear, ruin air quality and even cause serious damage to your compressor. Breakdowns, repair costs and production loss could be the result. That’s why taking a risk with generic lubricants will ultimately cost more.

Adjusted to your industry

Original lubricants are not just based on running hours or machine types. The Original lubricant portfolio covers mild, demanding and highly demanding operating conditions. Specific lubricants are available for industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. For optimal performance, choose the right lubricant according to your specific operational profile.


Quincy offers a wide selection of lubricants for your compressor/vacuum operation.

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