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Paper industry application

Paper industry application



Quincy cooperates with a paper group 

Quincy Compressor has continuously provided a paper group in Shandong with safe and reliable service for more than ten years. It provides safe, efficient and clean compressed air for all factories of the group.

This group is China's paper leading enterprise, the world paper industry top 10,  the only A, B, H three kinds of stock listed company, one of China's listed jinniu top 100 enterprises, and was rated as China's most competitive 50 blue-chip companies. The company has won the national May Day labor award, the national top ten enterprises of light industry, the outstanding contribution award of Chinese enterprise management, the national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction and other provincial honors. The main indicators of enterprise economic efficiency have been continuously leading the industry for 20 years. At present, the group has established production bases in shandong, guangdong, hubei, jiangxi, jilin and other places, with total assets of more than 100 billion yuan.

In recent years, the state has strengthened the monitoring of energy conservation and environmental protection. The group has also put forward strict energy-saving operation management requirements for air compressors manufacturers in the application of air compressor. Because air compressor is the high-consumption equipment among others in paper factories, with the characteristics of large power, long running time, large power consumption and large cooling water consumption. Therefore, how to effectively save energy and reduce the running cost of air compressor has become a top priority. In fact, there are many factors that affect the energy consumption of air compressor, including the structure of equipment and accessories, operation management means, control mode and so on. Only by comprehensive analysis and consideration, taking various measures, can we ensure its energy-saving, safe and reliable operation.

Quincy compressor has nearly one hundred years of application experience in various industries. It can provide professional solutions and fast service in the application of complex working conditions in large enterprises. For over ten years, this group has always been choosing annual maintenance plan and 24 hours after-sales service of Quincy compressor to escort each gas point. Quincy compressor’s insistence in quality, professional focus and the attitude towards users have been integrated into the gene of Quincy brand, which perfectly explains the Quincy brand promise “Performance You Demand, Reliability You Trust” .

“I am very satisfied with the excellent performance and high reliability of Quincy compressor. The services that Quincy’s engineers provide to our company are extremely important to our business.”

——Managing Director of this group.































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