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Coal industry application

Coal industry application


Quincy supports a coal company in Shanxi 


A coal group in Shanxi uses Quincy air compressors to solve the problems of gas using of Pneumatic machines, mine shotcreting and water warehouse cleaning, at the same time to ensure the safety of coal workers.

The company always adheres to and conscientiously implements the Party's line, principles and policies, adheres to the "three conducive" standards and "three represents" important thought to guide the development of enterprises. It actively carries out the reform of state-owned enterprises through scientific and technological progress and safety management. In April, 2016, the safety grade evaluation center of regional coal management bureau evaluated the mine safety of the company and determined that its mine safety grade was A, which was the first case among local coal enterprises.

Air compressor is a large power consumption equipment in the coal enterprises. Since 2009, the state has strengthened the monitoring of air compressor’s energy conservation and environmental protection in the coal industry and revised the standards of air compressor in the coal industry. As the first coal production enterprise with A safety rating in Shanxi, the company has very strict requirements on the air compressor equipment that provides production power and maintains the lifeline. The company emphasizes that the air compressor equipment must meet the requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection, stability and reliability, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. Since, in most cases, the coal enterprises are located in remote area, it also requires equipment suppliers provide timely and professional service to ensure the stable operation of air compressors.

Quincy compressor, as an air compressor manufacturer with one hundred years of experience, its mature products and professional service have been undergone the strict test of various industry. Since 2008, Quincy compressor has made the best solution for the company after a field visit to the company. In the solution, the supply range of air compressor includes 110-355 kw, of which 250 kw – 355 kw is the main power segment. In the past 10 years, several machines of Quincy compressor have run efficiently and stably in its three core coal mining enterprises. Quincy compressor’s quality has further been verified. 

Quincy compressor has received many praises from every users of this group with its high energy efficiency, stability and reliability, convenient maintenance, resistance to adverse environment and has been the brand of air compressor used by the group for 10 years. Quincy compressor’s insistence in quality, professional focus and the attitude towards users have been integrated into the gene of Quincy brand, which perfectly explains the Quincy brand promise “Performance You Demand, Reliability You Trust”.

 “Quincy compressor has been used in our company for 10 years. During this period, it never breaks down and only needs simple maintenance. It’s indeed a reliable brand.”

——Managing Director of this company


































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