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Mobile industry application

Mobile industry application

Quincy supports mobile industry

An electronics corporation of Guangdong, founded in 2009, is a high-tech enterprise that produces precise parts for 3C, military and automotive industry. The company has committed to research and development for many years and built good cooperation relationship with global first-class customers relying on the leading technical level and the most competitive service. It has entered the supply chain system of famous domestic and foreign enterprises, such as Apple, Huawei, Intel, Google, HP, Flextronics, Jetp, Foxconn, Southco, JGP, HTC and so on. It owns a manufacturing base of nearly 60, 000 square meters, more than 200 sets of punching and pressing equipment, more than 1,000 sets of CNC processing center, more than 100 sets of CNC lathe, more than 100 sets of laser-beam welding machine, more than 50 sets of imported processing equipment of molds and large number of precision measuring instrument.

Since the company produces various and large number of equipment and has high requirements on gas source, so it thinks it’s urgent to manage systematically air compressor and build energy-saving central compressor stations. Before that, the company used three sets of 75 kw screw compressor of a certain domestic brand to supply gas for 300 sets of CNC equipment. In the process of using, it found that the air compressor had insufficient air capacity and the energy consumption was high. In order to meet the gas problems of nearly two thousand equipment in the factory and response to the national call of power saving and environmental protection, the company put forward specific requirements for air compressor suppliers when expanding the factory: The air compressors must be efficient and reliable, low energy consumption and trouble-free operation and the service must be professional and timely.

Quincy compressor has nearly one hundred years of air compressor application experience, according to the company’s demand on energy saving, it provided the following solution: Select QGD series air compressors and Quincy aftertreatment equipment, set reasonably discharge pressure of air compressor and make design for the network of air compressor system. This solution solved all kinds of problems in the use of gas serviced for CNC equipment. Moreover, only two 75 kw QGD series air compressors can meet the gas consumption of 300 sets of CNC equipment compared to the original three sets of 75 kw home-manufactured air compressors, which directly saved more than 30% of the energy consumption for the company.

Since the beginning of cooperation in 2014, the company has been always choosing Quincy compressor and so far there have been more than 10 sets to meet the gas demand of nearly two thousand production facilities. The company recognizes the products and service of Quincy and reaches a strategic partnership with Quincy.

“Quincy compressor is efficient and energy-saving. In addition to greatly improving the running stability and accuracy of CNC facilities, it dramatically saves energy consumption. Our company is very satisfied with Quincy and will continue to cooperate with Quincy in the future.”

——Equipment Support Manager of the company








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