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Printing and dyeing industry application

Printing and dyeing industry application


Quincy supports a printing and dyeing enterprise

Quincy compressor provides stable and sufficient compressed air power source for all printing equipment of a printing and dyeing enterprise in Zhejiang.

This company is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. At present, the total investment of this company is 350 million yuan and it covers an area of 42,000 square meters. Every day it prints 150 thousand meters of cloth with an annual output of 55 million meters. The company's main products are T/R, T/C, N/C elastic dyeing, full polyester silk and other kinds of clothing. The company introduces the world’s most advanced dyeing and aftertreatment equipment to ensure the production and quality in the advanced level of the industry and own the strong dyeing technology and product development capabilities.

Before the company used an American brand 55 kw screw air compressor. The machine runs 24 hours continuously and consumes large power. In the process of use it was found that the maintenance cost was very high. To meet the increasing production demand, after comprehensive consideration, the company has put forward following specific requirements for air compressors: Air compressors must be energy-saving and efficient. The system runs steadily and reliably. The maintenance cost is moderate. And the service is timely and fast.

Quincy compressor actively communicated with the company and conducted the field investigation. According to the actual working conditions and gas requirements, Quincy compressor made a comprehensive analysis on air compressor’s energy efficiency, system pressure setting, aftertreatment equipment and pipe design, and provided Quincy QGDP series air compressor to meet customers’ demand and save energy for customers. The company compared several global famous brands and reviewed the application cases of air compressor in painting and dyeing industry, finally it chose Quincy’s air compressor of first-class energy efficiency.

Since it was put into use, Quincy air compressor has been steadily running and the maintenance cost is reasonable. The customer is very satisfied with the effect of power saving.

“Quincy QGDP series are very power-saving and noiseless. The maintenance cost is also very reasonable. If our company expands later, we will still choose Quincy compressor to save energy.”

——Factory Manager of the company





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