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Company Profile

About QuincyCompressor

Quincy Compressor makes and sells undeniably the world's finest air compressor. Our products are used around the world in manufacturing plants, hospitals, climate control systems and any application that requires reliable air assistance. We know air technology and how to build quality air products because we've been involved in the industry since 1920.

Engineers George Wall, John Kathe and George Gille, together with Leaton Lrwin, entrepreneur and investor, and his son Mac, founded The Wall Pump and Compressor Co. on July 20, 1920. By 1924, the company changed its name to Quincy Compressor Co..

Awards & Honors

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and commitment of every Quincy employee, we continue to be recognized for our outstanding achievements.

2009Plant Engineering Gold Product of the Year Award (QGD)

2007EnPro Industries Presidential Safety Award

2007Liberty Mutual Gold Safety Award

2006 Managing Automation Customer Mastery Award

2005EnPro Industries Presidential Safety Award

2005Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Innovation Award (EQ)

2004Plant Services 2nd Place Reader’s Choice Award

2003Occupational Hazards: one of America’s Safest Companies

2002Plant Services Bronze Product of the Year Award (Web$ync)

1999Plant Engineering Bronze Product of the Year Award

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